Estimate Feed Readership for Your Blog

Find out how many people subscribe to your blog's RSS feed without using a third party tool like FeedBurner to manage your feed. Simply upload your blog's web server log file to YourStats and it will give you an estimate of your feed's total number of subscribers.

To learn more about the methodology, see the Counting RSS Subscribers on my blog, RSS4Lib.

Recent Changes

  • YourStats now accepts log files with ".gz", ".tar.gz", and ".zip" extensions (28 Nov 2009).
  • Minor under-the-hood improvements -- better tracking of browsers and agents (26 Nov 2009).
  • Share your blog's statistics on Twitter and Facebook -- see the link at the bottom of your readership report (10 Nov 2009).

Coming Soon

  • Save your blog's reports and see a graph of changes over time.

Ready? Start by Uploading your Log File

Uploading a single day's log file will give you a representative sample. The more days included in the log file, the more this tool will tend to over-report your statistics. (This is because individual users at a given computer may have a different IP address from day to day.)

Log file to upload:

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This tool is still in development. If you have problems, please tell me what went wrong.

Last updated 4 July 2012.

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