Integrating Blogs and Subject Guides

The Edmonton Public Library‘s subject guides are an excellent example of how RSS feeds can be integrated into library subject guide pages. See, for example, the guides to Architecture and Books Similar to the Da Vinci Code.
Both of these subject guides offer a variety of static links to other web and library resources. They also have a section of “Blog Entries” — comments and suggestions by EPL staff to other resources. According to Peter Schoenberg, the EPL’s Virtual Services Librarian,

Our distributed subject page authors/editors, can add a feed to their page by typing the url of the feed into a web form on their edit page. They can add a blog entry in the same way (typing text in a box). The format, title and page placement are all controlled by our web edit pages.
Not sure how many blog entries we will be seeing, but we are hoping it will allow a more personal and less institutional feel to the subject pages.
We use our home built cold fusion pages to provide the content management / web edit pages for our authors.

EPL naturally offers RSS Feeds for their subject guides along with book reviews by patrons (in fiction, non-fiction, kids, and teens).
[Via [Web4Lib.]