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The granddaddy of American libraries has become one with its multitudinous siblings descendants: the Library of Congress now has its very own weblog. The blog’s author, Matt Raymond, writes that his blog’s mission will “be in keeping with the spirit of the Library’€™s mission as a whole: ‘to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.'”

I noted with interest that the blog’s author, Matt Raymond, is the library’s Director of Communications and a journalist by education. Although I’d find professional and personal interest in a librarian blogger’s perspective on the library, I’m impressed that the Library of Congress has decided to use blogs and RSS as a communications and marketing tool. Welcome to the biblioblogosphere!

One thought on “Library of Congress Blog”

  1. Hi, Ken. Thanks for the mention!
    As we alluded in the press release announcing the blog, this is essentially a pilot that the Library graciously allowed me to proceed with while we finalize a new institution-wide policy on blogging.
    It’s the first, but definitely won’t be the last, Library of Congress blog. I would hope that an audience-specific blog of interest to the librarian community might be among the first of any other blogs that we launch.
    In the meantime, I do hope that there will be strong librarian presence among our commenters.

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