RSS Tracking for Canadian Legislation

WisBlawg’s Bonnie Shucha points us to a May 2006 item at Library Boy: RSS feeds for pending legislation in the Canadian parliament.
To see it in action, go to the LEGISINFO site and click on any of the lists of bill under “Senate” or “House of Commons” on the left side the screen. The result is, not surprisingly, a list of bills under consideration. The pleasant surprise is that each bill comes with an RSS feed to update you whenever that bill’s status changes.
I’m impressed. Perhaps there’s a similar tool in the U.S. Library of Congress’s THOMAS legislative toolset, but I can’t find it. I should note that they are working on a new search interface that allows searching by topic or legislator, the search results are not “RSSified.” (See “About the New THOMAS” to learn more — and try out — the new search tools.) It seems foolish to launch a search service without allowing an RSS feed of the search results to your users.
Are there are other national or local governments that offer legislation tracking via RSS? Leave a note in the comments and I’ll compile a list.
Update 11 Apr 2007 Changed link to LEGISINFO page to go directly to legislation.

[From Library Boy via WisBlawg.]