Flog Blog: RSS to Facebook

Another clever Facebook tool that has potentially significant benefit for libraries: Flog Blog. This Facebook application allows you to add RSS items to your Facebook profile, displaying the headline and lead sentence, lead paragraph, or a set number of characters. Posts as displayed in your Facebook profile can either link to your blog itself or to the Flog Blog application’s “canvas page,” within Facebook.

Flog Blog offers an easy path for posting your library’s news, announcements, or what-have-you onto your library’s Facebook profile. (You do have a Facebook profile for yourself or your library, right?)

One thing that Flog Blog lacks is a way to share a particular post with another Facebook user or to add a specific post found on another user’s profile page to your own profile. That functionality would be a great boon to word-of-mouth library advertising.

Still, Flog Blog strikes me as a much more effective RSS tool for Facebook than two others I’ve tried, Feeds and MyRSS.