Mr. RSS Goes to Washington

Have you seen the just-relaunched Take a moment and look: on Inauguration Day
(Click for larger image)

From the tone of the welcome message from the White House’s Director of New Media, this blog is intended to be relatively informal. It’s clearly a “new media” site — aimed at an entirely more connected audience than the past version.
If you look closely at the image, you’ll see a very prominent weblog — just below the picture, on the left. Not just a blog, but an RSS-enabled blog. And — this makes my little RSS heart go pitter-pat — the HTML source of the blog post shows that there is not just one RSS feed, but there are six. Here they are:

Now that’s a lot of RSS! (Although at the moment, the agenda, press, and video feeds appear to be empty.) And in case you want a single feed, here’s the RSS4Lib all-in-one feed, via Yahoo! Pipes.