Course Management and RSS

Here’s an idea from Frequently Answered Questions about librarians embedding resources in course management software via RSS. She begins:

Frequently Answered Questions: Embedded librarians

“Embedded librarians
The Iraq war brought us the concept of “embedded journalists”. Now we have the concept of “embedded librarians”. An embedded journalist is supposed to have better access to a story; an embedded librarian provides better access for students to him/herself and to the library’s resources.”

She notes that embedding the whole librarian may be impractical, and suggests, in the alternative:

“It is also possible to embed RSS feeds in a webpage. Using an online bookmarking service, a librarian can create an RSS feed for a collection of resources, including websites, databases, even searches and specific articles within the databases. If the professor keeps the librarian updated on new assignments, new resources could be added regularly. LTA#44-Integrating RSS Feeds into your Course Management System gives a good description of how the technology works.”