Legal Advice for Bloggers from EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a legal guide for U.S. residents on issues related to publishing a weblog. The 9-part guide, Legal Guide for Bloggers, is formatted as a series of frequently asked questions:

This detailed resource answers many questions bloggers may have — what is defamation and libel, compared to opinion; the benefits of obtaining a press pass; and an explanation of the legal difference between what you write and what a visitor to your site writes via blog comments or other such tools.

The Bloggers’ FAQ is a very handy guide to the world of publishing that so many of us are now joining.

[Via Web4Lib.]

Note: The original posting was edited on 7 November 2016 to correct links to the sections in the guide.

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  1. 給 Bloggers 的法律問題指南

    在 RSS4Lib 看到來自 The Electronic Frontier Foundation 針對美國居民在從事 blogging 活動所提出的 法律指南。內容共有九個部份:
    Blogger 法律上的責任問題

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