BlogBridge Library

Catalogablog notes a new product from BlogBridge called BlogBridge: Library. BlogBridge Library is a server-based tool that libraries — or anyone with a large customer base — can use to organize a multitude of RSS feeds into a coherent and nicely-presented interface. In their post announcing the new product, BlogBridge says:

BlogBridge:Library (BBL) creates a flexible web based structure to showcase Feeds, Reading Lists and Podcasts to employees in your company, or members of your organization. It will be the ‘store’ where users can browse and search for recommendations of content to read with their Aggregators. And, here’s the important point: these are recommendations by people in your organization for people in your organization.

BBL is not an aggregator. Rather, it’s a tool that says it will make organizing RSS feeds for customer use easier. Individual topics can be assigned to different editors within an organization. Individual feeds and topical collections are available to the end user through RSS and OPML links, respectively.
I’ll be curious to get my hands on a copy when the software itself is released. BlogBridge, the parent product, is open-source; there’s no indication on the BlogBridge site that I can find about whether BBL will be distributed that way or not.