Page2RSS — Monitor Web Pages with RSS

Page2RSS is a tool that lets you know, via RSS, when a specific web page has been updated. Give it a web page URL and it will give you an RSS feed to put in your browser or aggregator. Whenever the web page is updated, you’ll know.
In addition to being a good way to track changes in infrequently-updated web pages, this is also a low-overhead tool for allowing your patrons to keep up with new stuff on your library’s web site. Even if you don’t have time or interest in setting up an RSS feed for your library news page, by providing a link on that page to the Page2RSS updates feed, you can allow your patrons to monitor your site.
I can’t find any documentation on the Page2RSS site to indicated how frequently the application checks your web page; this is probably not the tool to use when you absolutely must know if a page changes instant it happens, but for most normal purposes, it’s a useful utility.
Update 6 Feb 2007: As Konstantin from Page2RSS notes in a comment (below), Page2RSS checks sites every 2-4 hours.

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  1. Checking a webpage for updates should ideally be on-demand and not based on pinging a site ever few hours like page2rss does. It wastes a lot of bandwidth of the site owner.

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