Library Feedback through a Weblog

Ever thought about opening up your patron feedback system to users through a weblog? The University of Chicago library has done just that with their Maroon Suggestions blog.
Patron suggestions are accepted through a library feedback form. The suggestions, and the library’s response, are posted on the blog. This is a great adaptation of the suggestion boards that I’ve seen in libraries all over — and makes the questions (and answers) available to patrons even when they’re not at the library. There is even a detailed FAQ to provide information about the service.

[Via the Web4lib listserv.]

One thought on “Library Feedback through a Weblog”

  1. Ken,
    thank you for the kind words! The ability to offer an RSS feed was one of the reasons we selected Typepad as the platform for Maroon Opinions, and many of our library staff (including me) use RSS to keep up with the blog posts.

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