EBSCO and RSS Alerts

Paul Pival learned something interesting about EBSCO, EZProxy, and RSS feeds: if you don’t edit your EZProxy configuration just so, RSS alerts for saved searches in EBSCO databases get rewritten to pass through your library’s proxy server. And if that happens, off-campus users (including aggregators like Bloglines or Google Reader) can’t get to the RSS feed. (The link to each new item from the database in the feed is still routed through your proxy server so your patrons can still get to the full text at a single click.)
See the Distant Librarian for instructions. In short, all that’s needed is adding a single line to Useful Utilites’ standard EBSCO EZProxy configuration:

NeverProxy rss.ebscohost.com

I suppose other databases require similar proxy configuration changes. If you have examples, leave them in the comments.