RSS… On Your TiVo

According to a recent press release,

TiVo users can subscribe to and watch a broad range of video content available through Real Simple Syndication (“RSS”) feeds, including everything from network nightly newscasts and The Sesame Street Podcast to Daily Headlines from MTV News and College Humor from CHTV.”

The catch — there’s always a catch — is that you need Tivo Desktop Plus on your Windows PC (sorry, Mac users) to get the material from your PC to your TiVo. So I won’t be testing it any time soon. This marks another move forward in getting Internet podcast content onto the family room TV, though it’s not as easy as it could be.

2 thoughts on “RSS… On Your TiVo”

  1. It certainly seems handy. I’d really like to get that sort of content directly on the TiVo, no computer in the middle. Maybe one day.

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