Google’s Favicon Is Changing?

Anyone else seeing a new “favicon” for Google sites? (A favicon is the graphic that appears in your browser’s location bar and, often, next to bookmarks.) It’s now the second “g” in Google, with a light drop shadow — as in this screen shot:

Google Favicon

Is Google changing its brand identity?

7 thoughts on “Google’s Favicon Is Changing?”

  1. I was noticing that too today (Firefox). Installed a few Google-related extensions earlier this week and thought it might be related to those, but I guess not!

  2. A few other bloggers have noticed it, too… The new graphic looks nice, but very different after all these years. Could a change to the main Google graphic be on the horizon?

  3. The joys of browser caching… I suspect most browsers don’t check if the file’s been updated all that often, since the favicon rarely changes.

  4. I wonder if it’s a cosmetic thing because of the forthcoming Firefox 3? The tabs are now grey instead of white, which makes the favicons on the tabs look different.
    (BTW, The block M used by, as it is anti-aliased against white, looks particularly poor in the new Firefox…)

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