Google Chrome: Out of Beta, Still No RSS

Google released its Chrome web browser back in September as a beta. Unlike so many other Google tools that are in perpetual beta, Chrome today is now a full-fledged product (see Google’s press release to this effect).
As I noted back in September, Chrome had no support for RSS feeds. And it still doesn’t — here’s RSS4Lib’s RSS 2.0 feed as displayed by Chrome:

RSS Feed as displayed in Google Chrome
RSS Feed as displayed in Google Chrome

Given that Google has a perfectly serviceable RSS reader, and seeing the importance Google has clearly placed on Chrome — moving it from public beta to supported software in an unheard of three months — it seems even odder now than in the beta stage that Google has chosen not to make use of it.

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2 thoughts on “Google Chrome: Out of Beta, Still No RSS”

  1. I’ve been using Chrome a lot since its release, and I have noticed this myself. I also hope they integrate the Reader into the browser because that textual mashup stuff is illegible.

  2. Google Chrome and RSS

    I’ve just started playing with Google Chrome, Google’s new browser. Its strengths are impressive, but I was disappointed to see no support, as yet, for reading RSS feeds. They display as text, with all tags stripped out, and no semblance…

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