Google Chrome: Out of Beta, Still No RSS

Google released its Chrome web browser back in September as a beta. Unlike so many other Google tools that are in perpetual beta, Chrome today is now a full-fledged product (see Google’s press release to this effect).
As I noted back in September, Chrome had no support for RSS feeds. And it still doesn’t — here’s RSS4Lib’s RSS 2.0 feed as displayed by Chrome:

RSS Feed as displayed in Google Chrome
RSS Feed as displayed in Google Chrome

Given that Google has a perfectly serviceable RSS reader, and seeing the importance Google has clearly placed on Chrome — moving it from public beta to supported software in an unheard of three months — it seems even odder now than in the beta stage that Google has chosen not to make use of it.

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  1. Google Chrome and RSS

    I’ve just started playing with Google Chrome, Google’s new browser. Its strengths are impressive, but I was disappointed to see no support, as yet, for reading RSS feeds. They display as text, with all tags stripped out, and no semblance…

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