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I stumbled across yet another RSS embedding tool, the prosaically named JavaScript RSS Box Viewer. (See the “related posts” section below for my descriptions of several other similar tools.) RSS Box Viewer gives you a great deal of control over the output of your feeds (you can set the number of items to show, the width of the box, compact/expanded view, colors for the frame around the box, etc., etc.). Here, in fact, is a simple sample of the RSS4Lib feed that shows the most recent 3 headlines:

A few minor quibbles… The color palettes are “web safe”, which means you can’t match exactly the color scheme on the site. The web page where you configure your box doesn’t handle wide formats for the box very well — so if you want to preview your RSS feed wider than about 200 pixels, the preview overlaps the form you fill out (at least, for the Mac versions of Safari and Firefox). And the form requires you to enter an RSS feed’s URL, not the URL of the site — there’s no autodiscovery.

But in terms of ease of use, this seems as powerful as the hosted version of Feed2JS and as flexible as Google’s similar tool.

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