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Twitter makes it easy for you to post updates to your followers, or the world at large. It’s well suited for quick updates, but less for “bloggy” content. How do you get your blog into Twitter without any particular effort? There are a variety of tools to help you do this. Here’s a quick overview of some of these tools. Use one I don’t mention? Let me know in the comments — I’ll update the post as needed.

All of these tools post on your behalf, which means that they use your Twitter account login and password behind the scenes. You provide the tool with your Twitter account login and password. You may wish to set up a separate Twitter account just for your blog if you’re concerned about sharing your Twitter login with a 3rd party.


FeedNest. This tool asks you for a bit more information about your feed than do others, so that users can search FeedNest and find your blog’s content. It asks you to describe your blog’s content and give the name of the site.

RSS Twitter

RSS Twitter. A simple interface — your Twitter account and your blog’s RSS feed.


TwitterFeed. I’ve used this tool for this blog in the past. It offers some statistics tracking for how your posts are read (by redirecting the links from Twitter tweets through its own server).

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools (WordPress plugin). If you publish your blog with WordPress, there’s a plugin that will automatically send a tweet to Twitter when you publish your blog post.

Missing your Favorite?

Leave a comment and let me know which tool you use.

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