Journal Tables of Contents via RSS

The Ebling Health Sciences Library at the University of Wisconsin offers a list of medical and science journals that have RSS feeds. The list of titles with RSS feeds. The library subscribes to the feeds and presents the most recent table of contents on the screen. Each article is linked through the library’s proxy server to the full text content available to library patrons. And, of course, there’s a link to the actual RSS feed from the publisher. (This publisher-provided feed, of course, does not link through the library’s proxy server.)
Presumably, with a big more data massaging, the RSS feed could direct patrons through an OpenURL link resolver to the most appropriate source of the journal (online, interlibrary loan, etc.).

One thought on “Journal Tables of Contents via RSS”

  1. 以 RSS 訂閱電子期刊

    從 RSS4Lib 看到 美國 University of Wisconsin 的 Ebling Health Sciences Library 在網頁上提供可以 利用 RSS 訂閱的電子期刊清單。如果你直接從 Ebling Health Sciences Library 的網頁連過去,它會跟你要帳號密碼ï¼…

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