Pageflakes & Library Feeds

Pageflakes offers a service something like Yahoo! and Google — mix and match the content you want to see on a single web page. You can keep it private, share them with a group of people you select, or make them public.
Once set up, the page lists the blog or feed title with a number (of unread items) to the right; click the number and see the list of headlines. Click a title, and go to the source. Very slick and AJAXy.
A good starting place for exploring Pageflakes is the public list of Librarian Weblogs maintained by Phlilip Bradley. Pageflakes looks like a good tool for creating ad hoc feedliographies. Pull a bunch of related feeds together, publish them as a public feed, and direct your patrons to them.
Note that Safari users are out in the cold; this site works well with Firefox, though.