RSS Feeds for Individual User’s Lists in

OCLC announced today that “Public WorldCat lists are available as RSS feeds that can be monitored using any RSS-capable service or software.” When you view a user’s list within, you will be able to subscribe to an RSS feed for that list — so whenever that user adds an item to it, you’ll find out.
Libraries that use lists to generate reading lists on various topics can now embed those lists easily and automatically on library web pages — and let their patrons know, at the same time, that there are new items of interest.
So, for example, I’ve created a brief list of books about RSS. You can subscribe to its feed at Whenever I add a new item to the list, you’ll know. If you go to my list in WorldCat (it’s called "RSS4Lib RSS List"), the RSS link OCLC provides redirects you to, a site that provides one-click subscription or one-click bookmarking links to a wide range of RSS aggregators and social bookmarking services.