CIL2008: Information not Location

My colleague Mike Creech and I presented on "Findability: Information not Location" (3.3 MB, PPT) this afternoon. The talk abstract:

Learn how to foster user-friendly digital information flows by eliminating silos, highlighting context and improving findability to create a unified web presence. Hear how the University of Michigan Libraries’ (MLibrary) are reinventing the libraries’ web sites to emphasize information over the path users previously took to access it. By elevating information over its location, users are not forced to know which library is the “right” starting place. The talk includes tips for your library web redesign process and user-centric design process.

Our talk was blogged by Librarian In Black.
I had a great time at Computers in Libraries — there were more interesting talks than I could attend, let alone blog. I have some catching up to do through the CIL2008 tag cloud, clearly.