Google Reader’s A-Changin’

Google recently announced that they are soon to relaunch Google Reader with a new design and are “going to bring Reader and Google+ closer together, so you can share the best of your feeds with just the right circles.” Although I am not a huge fan of Google+ (Aside from the coolness of Hangouts, I haven’t seen a reason to convert from Twitter and Facebook; my social circles don’t see to be active in Google+), one of the things that has griped me about Reader is that there has been no way to share RSS items with my Plus circles. If nothing else, that will soon change.
Something else that will change is that the Google Reader API (an unofficial, undocumented, and formally unsupported API) will at some point be phased out. This doesn’t make a difference to users of the Google Reader web site, but does matter for anyone who has been using Google Reader to track what has been read in applications like FeedDemon and others.
If you want to get your data from Google, they will continue to offer an OPML download of your feeds, but will be augmenting the list of subscribed feeds with your other personal data, including your shared items, friends, likes, and starred items. What you do with them then is your business.